We Travel, You Get Perks!

Help us get to Harrisburg, and you could score some out-of-the-ordinary prizes!

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Hooray for Harrisburg!

Hey, keystone staters! We're coming back your way!

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Peek at Our Skills in Peekskill!
We here at SDHQ have been honored to work with some amazing session musicians, whose ranks include Premik Russell Tubbs. An extraordinary musician and human being, Premik is someone whose work you have definitely heard; the saxophone solo on Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know?" Yep, that was him. He has also worked with a host of other artists in genres from jazz to Latin to R&B to world music. So, we're pretty thrilled to make a guest appearance with him at his annual birthday concert, for the second year running!
The show is August 2 at the BeanRunner
in Peekskill, NY, 8:00pm; $10 cover.
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18th Annual Millenium Music Conference

We recently had the opportunity to perform at the 18th Annual Millennium Music Conference in Harrisburg...

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Mad props to @jahimes for name-checking us on the House floor today! 😉 (Seriously, great job!) #impeachment… https://t.co/DnCNThMk4M
Okay, so who else thinks @JamesGunn should include @toddrundgren ‘s “Just One Victory” on the #gotg3 soundtrack? It… https://t.co/jUO3NdZXcJ
Hoping to get music on major cable networks with Music of the Sea! #ReverbNationOpportunities https://t.co/AkHt7YhwEu
Some brand-new footage, featuring Premik Russell Tubbs' magic on the alto flute! https://t.co/Xm57IGWDJd
Todd Rundgren, Genius Composer, Lesson 3: "Does Anybody Love You?": https://t.co/UFH7EOHJtk via @YouTube
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